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National History Day

Making History: A Teacher's Guide to the National History Day Program

Making History: A Teacher's Guide to the National History Day Program

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This how-to guide provides teachers with step-by-step guidance on the NHD framework, historical research skills, and historical argument development. It also includes instructions and tips for creating NHD projects and prepping students for competitions.

Content includes:
Chapter 1 - Understanding the NHD Framework
Chapter 2 - Choosing an NHD Topic
Chapter 3 - Conducting Research
Chapter 4 - Analyzing Sources and Thinking Historically
Chapter 5 - Developing a Historical Argument
Chapter 6 - Preparing an NHD Project
Chapter 7 - Preparing for NHD Competitions

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"When I first began utilizing NHD in my classroom, it was overwhelming! Over time, I figured out the best way to get students engaged in the process and their projects was by showing them my own excitement at their success. I cheer them on and get hyped over everything they do well, especially when they find a great source that helps set their project apart!"
- Emily Lewellen, Indiana


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